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Welcome to Greenbaum Law Group, LLP, your Los Angeles commercial collection attorneys. As commercial collection attorneys, our firm can provide top quality legal resources to any creditor around the world that has commercial collection claims in Los Angeles, California. Unlike most commercial collection attorneys in Los Angeles, our service area consists of not only the Los Angeles area but the entire State of California. In essence, we handle the entire State of California for commercial debt collection claims including the litigation of those claims as well. 

Our commercial collection attorney services are a bit different than most, in that, we don't forward commercial collection claims to other collection attorneys to handle the litigation process for our clients. We handle all commercial litigation on all collection claims placed regardless of where they are located in the Los Angeles area or for that matter, the State of California. In so doing, we offer creditors a unique opportunity to utilize highly skilled commercial collection attorneys that don't send your claims somewhere else when it comes time to litigate. We handle the commercial collection and litigation process from beginning to end. 

At the Greenbaum Law Group, our commercial collection attorneys are professionally seasoned and possess the collection skills and litigation prowess to handle your commercial claims regardless of the difficulties that you may have experienced in attempting to collect the claims yourself. We are experienced, dedicated and determined commercial collection attorneys who wish to provide your company with one of the very best venues with which you can place your Los Angeles collection claims for recovery. Our mindset is to provide successful recovery of your commercial collection claims quickly and efficiently whether that entails taking your Los Angeles debtor to court or not. 

Our commercial collection attorney service is aggressive and purposeful in order to create a rapid turn around time so that you can get the money due you, fast. We are not a mill operation, we are dedicated commercial collection attorneys that provide our clients with high yield legal options and we exercise those legal options with our client's approval to extract money from their Los Angeles debtors. As commercial collection attorneys, we can do the same for you. We are in the business of collecting debts owed by Los Angeles debtors and we do it utilizing any or all legal remedies as the law might allow. We do not send whiny letters and do not have phone collectors. Our Los Angeles commercial collection attorneys use fast and aggressive legal strategies to collect your money.

We are not a commercial collection agency. We are a commercial collection attorney service that provides a proficient means for which your outstanding Los Angeles debts may be recovered quickly and efficiently. Our commercial collection attorneys handle debts ranging from $10,000 to $2,000,000 per claim. Greenbaum Law Group, LLP is prepared to handle your Los Angeles collection and litigation claims on a competitive contingent or hourly fee basis. We give you personable service and fast results. Let us motivate your Los Angeles commercial debtors to pay. Call Greenbaum Law Group today at 1-800-519-0562 and let our commercial collection attorneys initiate a successful collection campaign for your company in Los Angeles, California.

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