collection law
In this week’s video, Parris D. Trimble, Esq. discusses why Greenbaum Law Group, LLP does not send demand letters for commercial debt collections, filing the lawsuit instead. Full Transcript Hi, my name is Parris Trimble and I’m an attorney here at Greenbaum Law Group. Greenbaum Law Group is a commercial collection and judgment enforcement firm. ...
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Collecting in California from Out of State Accounts
If the debtor is out of state, should you sue here or hire a lawyer in their state?  We generally recommend that California creditors start where they are located.  The legal rules of where you can sue (subject to exceptions) usually make courts where 1) the contract was formed, or 2) where the contract was...
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Measuring ADO for Creditors
Most business-to-business debt is monitored and collected on a monthly billing cycle.  Most vendors send invoices with payment terms detail such as “net 30”,  a specific date or EOM (end of month). Generally, open accounts are billed at the end of a month for the monthly balance owing.  Creditors get teach their customers they will...
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