Debt Collection in California

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Collect bad debt in California. Bad debts are not unusual, most businesses experience some bad debt. Take action. Don’t just hope things will change. Send your own demand letters and make your own collection calls.

When those don’t work, hire a collection attorney to sue now, not after more of the same. If your collection calls and demand letters failed engage us as your collection attorney to begin your collection suit quickly. Bad debts don’t age well. If you don’t hire a collection attorney and the other creditors do, your debt won’t ever get paid. collection agencies don’t sue, they just make more calls and send more letters.

The courts aren’t free. There are court filing and process server costs. Anyone who promises to collect without any court costs are just a come-on. Consider the benefits of either contingent fees or hourly fees for your collection. We’ll send you information on both.

At, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions. Our contingent or hourly fees are on our website. Call 800-519-0562 for a no obligation review.

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