Sister State Judgement Collection in California

Enforce your money judgment entered in any state against your debtor in California. Judgments from all American states are enforceable and collectible in California as a Sister State Judgment

The Constitution requires all states to honor the judgments of each other and to allow them to be enforced when you have a judgment against a California resident or business or someone who has assets in California we take legal collection action.

The procedures are generally simple and fast. You don’t have to prove your case again with a properly certified copy of your judgment from another state we’ll turn it into a California judgment anywhere in California and will fight to get your money fast. Greenbaum Law Group offer sister State judgment enforcement legal services in California on either contingent or hourly fees.

At Greenbaum Law Group, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions and our fees clearly shown. Call (800) 519-0562 to have a no-obligation information package sent for your judgment collection case.